The website uses cookies and similar mechanisms, hereinafter COOKIES, to offer users the services and content offered on the website. COOKIES are small files or computer files sent to a browser, through a server, which store information on the user's computer. COOKIES can contain information about the browsing habits of the users or the equipment in which they are installed, they can also be used to recognize users on the website

Canavia on its websites uses anonymous COOKIES which implies that no data is stored that can identify users, except when users are logged on the website to offer personalized services and access to their data.

The installation of COOKIES will take place after the consent of the users. We understand as consent if users browse the different pages of the website or perform certain actions that imply the express authorization of COOKIES.

Users can revoke the installation of COOKIES or modify the preferences at any time through the options of their browser. To allow, block or eliminate COOKIES you must follow the instructions of each browser. Below we detail links to configure COOKIES in the most popular browsers:

In the event that the links provided do not contain the necessary information you can check the configuration by accessing the configuration options of your browser or consulting the help of it, anyway, there are many links on the web to make these changes.

We remind you that if you delete or block the COOKIES of the website, some functionalities may no longer be operative.

This COOKIES Policy may change at any time to adapt to legislative changes, regulations, or to adapt to the instructions of the Data Protection Agency, so it is important that users visit it regularly.