DIAMOND DA-42 TwinStar

The plane Diamond DA-42 is a twin engine with excellent performance in flight, safety and comfort on board.

Its glass-cockpit equipped with Garmin 1000 guarantees safe flights with maximum guarantees of reliability, offering two displays with all the information necessary for the flight, making it ideal for both our Professional Pilot course and to make or renew the authorization IR-ME.

Its TAE Centurion 2.0 TDI engine with a total of 270cv offers a top speed of 178 knots and a cruising speed of 162 knots. Adding the 18,000 feet service ceiling makes the Diamond DA-42 the perfect aircraft for training flights or short and medium range cruise flights.

Apart from normal operation, the Diamond DA-42 is certified to perform the following operations:

  • Losses
  • Lazy eights
  • Chandelles
  • Turns no greater than 60º