The Private Pilot Course aimes to obtain the European Private license PPL. The Private Pilot License will enable you to act as a pilot in command of single engine (SE) aircraft involved in operations other than for remuneration, to any destination of the world even carrying passengers. It will lso be the first step to become a professional pilot, if you wish.


Age : be older than 16 years

Physical : have passed a class 2 medical examination

Knowledge: have a basic knowledge of both mathematics and physics for a correct understanding of the theoretical and practical content

The Private Pilot course PPL consists of two modules, theoretical and practical.


THEORETICAL (9 ubjects – 100 hours)

The theoretical module consists of the following subjects:

  • Air Law
  • Principles of Flight
  • Navigation
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Human Factors
  • Communications
  • Meteorology
  • Performances
  • Operational procedures


The practical module consists of 45 hours of visual flight conducted in the vicinity of the international airport of Gran Canaria, with cruises to the islands of the Canary archipelago. Of these 45 hours of flight, the student will take the controls on his/her own during 10 hours performing also a cruise between the islands.


The theoretical training takes place in Gran Canaria, although it is possible to impart it in other islands on demand.

canavia-ec-kzc-slider01It will operate in international commercial airports, which will give the student pilot the opportunity to learn and practice in a safe, professional and complex airport environment, from day one, avoiding the inconveniences of flying clubs.

Furthermore, if you live outside of the Canary Islands, we can organize an intensive course including accommodation and transfers. This is an excellent opportunity to stay in a privileged environment and enjoy your stay.

Our private pilot course is all-inclusive, no-surprises and at a really competitive price. Become an airline pilot for less than you think.

You can get more information through our contact form, calling us by phone at +34 928 939 369 or through our Facebook page.