In Canavia following our philosophy of offering the highest quality training to our students, we offer courses in Aeronautical English taught by aviation professionals.
Although this course is open to anyone interested in improving their level of aeronautical English, it is designed to meet the requirements of the English language of the Airline Transport Pilot Course, also complying with the recommendations proposed by ICAO in its Circular 323-AN / 185 Guidelines for English language programs for Aviation.

The course consists of 100 teaching hours, provided in a mixed manner (distance learning, 70 hours and face-to-face, 30 hours), having a schedule of 15 classroom days of 2 hours each (initially 2 days a week) and a maximum of 5-6 students.


The cost of this complete training is € 295..


Additionally, there is the option of attending Individual Classes to improve your level, prepare interviews for airlines assessments or prepare the ICAO English Language Test, at the price of € 30 / h; We also conduct the ICAO language proficiency test in English for € 160. Information about the exam, 30 minutes long and conducted directly with the evaluator, can be found at: http://www.englishcentre.eu/description-of-the-exam/


Courses start every two months.

Exam dates are the days 2,3,4,21,22,23 and 24 May.

To reserve a place in the next, send us the attached student’s file with all your information to info@canavia.es.

Aviation English Course

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