Airline Transport Pilot License – ATPL Frozen (15 months)

During the Commercial Pilot License CPL(A) Modular course at first you will acquire the Private Pilot Licence PPL(A) (the first stage of the training) license, and then Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL Frozen (CPL(A)/Instrument rating IR/Multi-Engine ME + ATPL theory) (after the completion of the whole course).

Commercial Pilot License enables you to operate as a private pilot on a single engine airplane and a co-pilot on a single/multi-engine airplane in commercial air transportation and get paid for doing it.

PRACTICAL PART (215 hours) :

  • 45 hours of visual flight instruction (PPL / SEP License)
  • 5 hours of night flight instruction in aircraft IFR
  • 52 hours of instrument flight instruction on single-engine and 5 hours in twin-engine (IR SEP – MEP rating)
  • 83 hours of training as pilot in command
  • 23 hours of commercial flight instruction (CPL License), of which 13 hours of instruction in multi engine (MEP rating)

THEORETICAL PART (759 hours) :

Examination on 14 subjects

  • 010: Air law and ATC procedures
  • 021 y 022: General knowledge of the aircraft
  • 030: Performance and flight planning
  • 031: Mass and Balance
  • 032: Aircraft Performance
  • 033: Flight Planning and monitoring
  • 040: Human Factors
  • 050: Meteorology
  • 061: General Navigation
  • 062: Radio navigation
  • 070: Operational Procedures
  • 080: Principles of Flight
  • 090: VFR Communications
  • 091: IFR Communications


Age :  be older than 18 years

Physical : have passed a medical class 1

Knowledge: have a basic knowledge of both mathematics and physics for a correct understanding of the theoretical and practical content


The theoretical training takes place in Gran Canaria (or remotely if required), and examinations before the Civil Aviation Authority of Spain. The Training leads to the obtention of the European License of CPL


56.620€ without accomodation

66.600€ with accomodation (15 months)





It will operate in international commercial airports, which will give the student pilot the opportunity to learn and practice in a safe, professional and complex airport environment, from day one.

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