Canavia Pilot School

CANAVIA is a Pilot School founded in July 2009 based on the International Airport of Gran Canaria. It has 2 offices:

Central offices and classrooms: Mister Blisse 1-1ª. La Estrella. Telde.

Operations office: Gran Canaria Airport. 1st Floor. Control zone.

We started off by teaching the of Private Pilot Course (PPL) under JAR-FCL regulations, and other not-regulated courses, as the Introduction to Flight course (or Pilot for one day course), flight simulator, and doing also other activities such as rental of flight hours, proficiency checks for renewals, etc.


CANAVIA evolved imparting new flight courses, and after the entry into force in 2013 of the new EASA Part FCL regulation, was the first Spanish School in obtaining authorization from the AESA as ATO (Approved Training Organization), having always been recognized by the aeronautic authority as an exemplary school.

CANAVIA currently operates under EASA regulations, with the authorization (E-ATO-172), including for aircraft courses: modular Commercial Pilot (CPL), instrument rating (IR), Flight Instructor (FI), Multi-Engine Instructor (CRI MEP) and Instrument Flight Instructor (IRI), Drone Professional Pilot Course and Theoretical Transport Pilot ATPL, the latter both in person, or remotely, using the prestigious Bristol GS system.

To train our pilots we use both classroom lectures and distance learning using the Internet, allowing thus complete flexibility of schedules for our students. Our instructors are very experienced, with thousands of hours whether airborne or training of students, many of which are also Airline Transport Pilots.

In Canavia we have higher than average standards to ensure both safety in flight and theoretical training of our students, without forgetting flexibility.




Our hours of classroom and distance learning can be adapted to suit each student pilot, so that carrying out any course is compatible with other activities.


Our instructors, with thousands of hours in their logbook, guarantee our professionalism and safety in each of the flights that the school holds


All aircrafts in our fleet are up-to-date, modern and strictly controlled by our mechanics